Basketball Arcade Pro

Basketball Arcade Pro


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Product Information:

Step into the thrilling world of the Basketball Arcade Pro Game, a time-limited challenge that will put your skills to the test as you strive to rack up an impressive score. Race against the ticking clock, aiming to score as many points as humanly possible within the given time frame. Show off your talent by reaching a score of 75, which grants you access to the exhilarating 2nd round. Push yourself further, aiming for a score of 100, and secure your spot in the electrifying 3rd and final round. Join the ranks of legendary players as you compete for the coveted all-time high score in this timeless arcade classic. Reserve now for an unforgettable experience!

Game Surface: Ground

Package Details:

  • (1) 8'L X 3.25’W X 7'-8'H (Height is Adjustable) Basketball Arcade Pro Game
    • (3) Basketballs
    • (1) Power Cord
    • (1) Extension Cord

*NOTE: The Basketball Arcade Pro Game requires (1) electrical outlet.


Double Doors w/ no center bar

Artificial Grass, Asphalt, Concrete, Grass, Indoor

All Ages

2 players

Item Dimensions:

8’L x 3’W x Height is adjustable from 7’ to 8’


Rental Period - Basic Price is for an 4 hour rental period. Client is responsible to provide adult supervision for all inflatables and to follow all safety rules. Any water, silly string, paint, food, or similar items used on or inside inflatable will incur extra fees. All rentals require a deposit and balance due prior to delivery time.

Setup Location - It is the clients responsibility to measure the setup location to make sure rented products will fit, measurements are specified in the product page. Please make sure to select the correct setup location during checkout so we are prepared for setup. No setups on Gravel.

Pathway to Setup Location - It is clients responsibility to make sure the pathway is clear of all obstacles and prepared for delivery so there are no delays. No stairs or incline/declines present to the setup location because inflatables are too heavy. Customer MUST notify IA during checkout so we can make sure to be prepared for setup.

Cancellations - Please check Cancellation and Rain Policies on your contract for more information.

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