Free Fundraising Ideas

Having a profitable fundraiser is your goal. Try these ideas at your event.

Carnival Day

Have a Giant Inflatable Slide or the Euro Bungy to draw a crowd. Set up a carnival midway, selling tickets for admission to play each carnival game.

Holiday Party

Set up a themed event, for any holiday. Surprise your guests with a unique event.

Casino Party

Host a casino royal party, send out invitations with an admission price. Your dressed up guests receive a set amount of laying chips, then try their luck to win even more. By the end of the night, they turn in their chips to redeem a nice prize. The high rollers may win a Gift Card to a nice restaurant, or a gag gift for the biggest losers. Everyone goes home having a fun night out.

Sell tickets

For each ride or game, collect two or more tickets. And for your main attractions, collect 4 or more tickets. Sell your tickets in advance or set-up a ticket booth for guests.

Sell wrist bands

This is one of our best fundraising tips. For unlimited all-day access to the rides, and the easiest way for you to manage your event, sell wrist bands for $7 at your ticket booth. Kids will beg their parents for a wrist band, especially if the other kids at your event are wearing the brightly colored wrist bands. Parents will see this as a bargain if they know the kids can ride all the attractions as many times as they like.

Sell treats, snacks and drinks

Buy your supplies in bulk at a low price, then sell them individually. Ice cold water and sports drinks on a hot summer day sell quickly. For evening events, coffee and other hot specialty drinks are a good choice also. Set up concession stands, and have re-supplies ready.

Sell Lunch / Dinner plates

Fire up the BBQ pit and let your guests smell the food cooking. Find volunteers to prepare and cook the meals.

Sell raffle tickets

Organize relay races through an obstacle course or ride the Hopping Ponies race, and raffle off a prize. You can often get great prizes donated by local businesses in exchange for advertising at your event, so ask around.

Find Sponsors

Find local business who will sponsor your event in exchange for advertising as your official sponsor. Food supplies, items for raffle prizes or use of their parking lot for the event are great things to ask.

Dunk the Teacher

Teacher’s, Principal, or other school authority figures: Kids can pay for a chance to send an authority figure into the Dunk Tank. You can also turn it into a raffle. The winning ticket-holder gets to dunk the principal!

Church and Youth Group Ideas

What talents are hidden away in your group? Between churches and youth groups, there is probably a wealth of talent with little opportunity for exposure. Showcase and organize a talent show filled with singing, dancing, acting, comedy and music during your event!

Car Wash

The classic fundraising technique, but amp it up with fun activities and games for customers to play while their cars are being washed.

Planning Your Event

What items should I choose?

Inflatable Adventures handles hundreds events a year. We know what works for events like yours. We can help you plan a high energy, high turnaround event that is fun and safe for everyone. Give us your requirements and we will work with your budget to achieve a stellar event. Consider these thoughts:

How many people do I need to accommodate?
What is the best way to set up the equipment to accommodate all the lines?
What is the age range of our attendees and what items will best suit their interests?
How big is the area I plan on having my event at, are there any delivery access restrictions/difficulties?
With this information, select items that will accommodate the area for set-up and the guests who will use them. All our items show dimensions for your planning.

Getting Volunteers

Need help, ask around. You might be surprised at how willing they will be if you just ask.
Divide the work
Smaller tasks will be more appealing to volunteers, have them sign up for specific tasks of their choosing.
Show your appreciation
Thank them, it will keep them on board for future events. Use words of encouragement, and acknowledge even the smallest efforts.
Lead by example
Keep them motivated by being present and available throughout the event. Support those who support you.
Maintain a good attitude
Being excited about the event will be contagious to your team, and will make them excited.
Get Parents Involved
Inform them of the event by sending emails, letters by mail, or make phone calls. Make them managers of a particular area, to supervise the younger volunteers.

Promote your event

Spread the word about your event and increase attendance.

Send invitations Email or send letter mail to your guests. Send it six weeks before the event.

Contact your area media outlets. Most newspapers have a calendar that lists the date, time, place and cost of any local event. Check with your local paper to find out how far in advance information is needed. A media alert is an easy way to disseminate the pertinent information. Grab attention to your event, tell them about the great prizes that will be given away.

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